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Bottle Printing

Quality decoration is critical to the success of many products and provides a key differentiator in a competitive marketplace.


Sogeplast is affiliated to a specialist in decorating, Credofor. Via Credofor we can offer our clients one of the world’s most comprehensive in-house decorating facilities encompassing all the decoration techniques required to the highest quality available, including silk screen printing, shrink & slip on sleeve, labeling & pad printing.


Credofor enables us to offer our clients a total solutions service from initial design and development to choosing the correct colours, material, and appropriate packaging for your product.


Our talents in decorating on tubes, jars and bottles for the plastic industry are well proven.

Colour Control

Accurate colour control is critical to many projects and is an essential part of ensuring brand integrity. When several types of packaging are used for the same customer or brand, it is the accuracy of the colour matching which creates a unified brand identity. This requires packaging manufacturers skilled at matching colours with different polymer bases. Via Credofor Sogeplast offers full assistance in matching colours and tints to your exact marketing vision. We can match to a Pantone reference or a physical object and offer a rapid turnaround to save valuable production time. We can also develop custom solutions working to your own requirements.

Screen Printing

We perform screen printing on bottles of all sizes, jars, ovals, any shape of containers. We offer a fully automatic press with conventional and UV Ink capabilities. We offer a wide variety of assorted Ink colours and Flame treating on all types of plastic bottles.


Our "bottle" screen printers screen print cylindrical parts. Bottle screen printers can be adjusted to screen print parts with slight tapers, and they are equipped with an inflation system used for squeezable polypropylene bottles. Using these bottle screen printers, we have successfully screen printed products such as shampoo, lotion, vaseline and many other custom moulded plastic containers.


On higher volume projects for cylindrical parts, we use a multi-station UV screen printer that can decorate up to two colors in-line.

Slip-on Sleeve Labels

(Slip-On Sleeve Self Adhesive Label)

Via Credofor Sogeplast offers full 360-degree wraparound coverage on bottles of any shape and size using full-body shrink sleeve labels.


This is a plastic polyethylene sleeve that can be applied by hand or automated equipment, which slips the sleeve onto the container. Sleeve Labeling is a cost effective method if you can use the same size label for several different products.


The sleeves can be inventoried at Credofor and containers pre-labeled per your directions on each order release. This labeling method is also done quickly and effectively with minimum labor and labeling equipment. Please note: This method usually requires large purchases (10,000-25,000 labels) to be cost effective.


(Self Adhesive Label)

Via Credofor Sogeplast offers pressure-sensitive, roll-fed, orientated labelling in all sizes. Equipment is engineered to ensure a high degree of accuracy and repeatability of label placement, including spot labels, base labels on jars, and wraparound labels on bottles.

Pad Printing

Via Credofor Sogeplast offers pad print across areas that are otherwise difficult to print or are heavily contoured, such as closures.


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