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Blow Moulding Products

Blow moulding (BrE moulding) is a manufacturing process by which hollow plastic parts are formed. In general, there are three main types of blow molding: extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding, and stretch blow moulding.


The blow moulding process begins with melting down the plastic and forming it into a parison or preform. The parison is a tube-like piece of plastic with a hole in one end through which compressed air can pass. The parison is then clamped into a mold and air is pumped into it. The air pressure then pushes the plastic out to match the mold. Once the plastic has cooled and hardened the mold opens up and the part is ejected.


Sogeplast has Blow Moulding as well as Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines. Together with our Injection Moulding and Injection Blow Moulding (IBM) facilities we are capable of producing products from as little as 50ml or as big as 5Ltr. We can also accommodate bottles that require view lines and bent necks for toilet cleaners.


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